My Kryptonite has caught me.  I need to Get A Grip before I fall apart.  I keep Cryin’ all day and all night.  Livin’ on the Edge I guess has a very high price.  You See Me Crying but you just walk away.  I Need You but when I Want to Hold Your Hand you pull away from me.  I Love You More Than You’ll Ever KnowCongratulations, you have found a way to hurt me, yet I find myself even now Calling You just to see if you’re OK, even though I know you Hate Me.  I want to go Home ‘cause the part of you I loved is Gone.  The Love of My Life you really used to be but now our relationship is like a Bad train wreck.  I Want to Believe you when you say you love me but I Can’t Do That Anymore.  My heart’s as Cold as Ice and you’re just not Right for Me.  Admittedly, Some People Change, and in five years you could be different, but I won’t be here Waiting for You.  As for the ring you bought, you can just Give It Away and be sad for yourself, ‘cause This Is How a Heart BreaksBye Bye Baby.  Oh, and by the way, you might want to get tested ‘cause I’ve Got AIDS.

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