My eyes burned as I looked into the sun, and like a well worn book my pages started to run.  My life’s ink abandoned me, and I felt for once free.  The great wolf’s eyes met mine and my heart filled up with iodine.

      My voice cracked as I sang my tune, I wish I’d been born in December and not in June.  My cage is built around my name, which is the source of my greatest pain.  She will never forgive me because I took her body’s key and used it to unlock secrets that changed her, but not me.

      She looks at me now, her eyes no longer proud, her hair a true mess and I wish I could find a way to give her back what I stole.  But as it is, I will never pay the debt I owe.  I want to carry her cross and take on her pain because I am the acid in her never ending rain.

      Her sky is yellow, mine is white, together we can fly the train-wreck kite.  Hand in hand we walk the halls, our minds for ever engraved in these walls.  Our hopes, dreams, and fears are written in the bathroom mirrors.  The sink is filled with our endless rage, we are to be forever sage.

      My lips turn blue in the midnight sun.  My body shakes and I cry out, ‘You won.’  But it’s too late to change now.  I am the one who’s looking down.  I watch her burn my body proud, happy laughing, childish now.  She takes the hand of my best friend and the cycle, ever so cruel, starts over again.

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