I am so tired, I am so cold, I am so weary, is there a hand to hold?  I walk this dark road alone, just me, my mind, and my soul.  My eyes are getting heavy and I am weak in the knees, this load I have to carry is getting too heavy for me.  I guess this is what dying feels like, or is it just another degree of pain?  I don’t know, but each day feels the same.  My skin is rough, my arms are bone, my voice has such a bitter tone and my hair is gray before it’s time, what happened to this life of mine?

    I stand and stand alone, or is it not true that when you are surrounded, you feel a little used.  So I’d rather stand alone if this is all I have; I want to go home, but home is just too sad.  And there is no need to bring back what makes me mad.  My body is tired and my flesh is so weak I can barely move, I can barely speak.  A fever grips me tightly, death’s cold hand I feel touching me so lightly I plead let this not be real.  I want to wake up now I want out of this dream.  I don’t want this life, for it is not all it once seemed.

    At first it was sweet freedom, now the mood has changed.  Now that I want to go back to my life it seems nothing will ever be the same.  My body hungers and begs for food.  My throat is so dry I drink muddy water just to sooth the never ending burning that comes from within, but the water churns and up it comes again.  My tattered rags are shredded and the cold wind blows.  Winter is here upon me, will anyone ever know?

    I want to scream I want to cry, I want to run away.  Better yet let this never ending darkness turn into eternal day.  Let the sun come here and warm me, smiling on my face.  Let me feel summer in all its glory since today seems to be my last day.  I clench my teeth and try to struggle on.  I hope I will soon find hope or at least some food, but everywhere I go I feel so confused.  My head is spinning my eyes are filled with pain.  I want to get away for I’m going insane.  It’s finally happened, says the vulture to his friend.  And now they make the best of me, what a way for my world to end.

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