Painting worlds with your words, deepening the hurt.  Wishing all my joys away.  Your nails cut into my skin and what once felt so good now brings my rage.  I feel like a trapped animal abused and tormented kept in a love-affair cage.  And I want to give in to the wildness, but my bleeding heart is just too ashamed.  So I hide my face and list my dismay in front of the world that I should blame.

    I walk alone in silence, my tattered clothes offering up my only comfort here.  I long for arms to keep me warm and safe from things I fear.  My own skin is far too worn and chapped to keep out the wind, but I dare not accept your invitation to come in.  For you are like the great spider and I am no fly.  So forgive me, but your sweet offer I must calmly deny.

    You question me and I say nothing.  You beat me and I do not scream.  You push me and then you say you love me.  What am I to see?  My eyes run rivers into the sun, which questions my internal fire.  And my lips cracked with lustful desire fuel the angry hate, and admiration of suffering pain.  Guilt is my only hope, for without that, I will hang from your dress’s velvet rope.

    Sometimes I wonder the strangest things, like, if I were on fire, would you put me out or just leave me to burn.  I can’t believe you set me free so you could mourn.  I watch you weep and my heart sinks.  I know tomorrow will be another scene.  So I breathe my last breath, grab onto the night and leap from the top of the Empire State of glass, broken glass.  My worthless wings like moth-stone-creatures break tenderly as I fall to my pitiful fate.

    Glory is no longer yours, Oh, Great One.  I have come and brought with me the shield of love.  You want to fight with me and drive all away so you can hunt my weakness, turn my night to day.  The sun will not help you crush me for now white robes I wear.  The blackness has left me and I am no longer yours to bear.  My ring is my name and with that boast I show you the pearls of my wisdom, which the goal of my heart knows not.  But I will not die until you too are ripped apart.

    Silent sleeper hear my word, I am coming for you.  Oh, Dear One, Queen of this land, know you have met your match.  My blood is clean like acid oil and your tears do not cancel my red stained serenaded toils.  Instead, the sparks trigger my crazy-gene and bring down upon your head the towers built by me.  Brick by brick they crush your face.  And inch by inch they cleanse the land of your sinister games.  Oh sweet glory, I am safe.

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